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You just purchased that new guitar – Now what?

You just purchased that new guitar. Congratulations!

Now what?

Well, hopefully you’re going to love it to the extreme (we KNOW you will if you got it from us).

But, what happens to a guitar after you take it home? While the instrument hung on the wall at the music store, it remained in a relatively static state, safe in a nicely humidified room, protected from pretty much everything (unless you bought it from a place that also sells diapers – that’s another story). But all that is about to change!

A change in season brings changes in humidity levels; the swelling of wood can, and most likely will, cause the fingerboard to bow one direction or another. And then there’s string tension: “I think I’ll experiment with lighter strings this time”. Or perhaps you’ve discovered alternate tuning?

Add all of these things together and you’ve got a good reason to think about guitar maintenance.

It’s no different than taking your vehicle in for an oil change – you want it to run efficiently.

Generally speaking, a guitar will be in need of a setup once a year or somewhere between 12-18 months. Since WE KNOW this, it is our policy at The Guitar World to HONOR a FREE setup with the purchase of a new guitar. And, hopefully, most music stores will offer the same service that we do.

Now, go play some guitar.

Thanks for reading.


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