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In addition to carrying a huge selection of instruments and accessories, The Guitar World is well recognized as the repair experts. If it’s broken, we can fix it. Even if you think it can’t be fixed, think again.

Our expert repair specialists and luthiers are on staff and available for your private consultation. Whether it’s a $100 entry level guitar or $5000 collector piece, we fix them all.

  • broken neck
  • new head-stock
  • fret dress
  • fret replacement
  • new pickups
  • machine head replacement
  • fret buzz
  • wiring
  • caved-in acoustic top
  • refinishing
  • total guitar rebuilding
  • so much more!

We also have the ability to build you your very own custom guitar from scratch! We invite you to come by and check out some of our work.

Customer Testimonial:

My kids were playing and knocked over my guitar. Sure enough, they broke off the headstock. I was just about to throw it out and buy a new one when I heard that The Guitar World repaired guitars. I brought in my guitar and within a week, they fixed it. It looks, feels and plays as good as new. Spectacular work! I can’t thank you enough.
-Gerval S.

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