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Why Do We List Sold Items?

We get so many cool, unique, unusual, sometimes rare and often just beautiful looking instruments in our shop and it would be a shame to remove them from our online store.

As lovers of beautiful musical instruments, we also enjoy looking at all the really cool and interesting things that are out there and we want to keep this information available to others who are just looking around for info, specs, photos etc.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we did having them in our possession before they found a good home.

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  • G&L ASAT Classic in Black – Used

    $999.99 CAD Read more
  • Spector Euro4 XL Bass – Used

    $1,879.99 CAD Read more
  • Vintage V100 AFD Paradise Left Handed 2010 Lemon Drop

    $499.99 CAD Read more
  • Baron Banjo – 5 String

    $269.99 CAD Read more
  • Ernie Ball Music Man – StingRay 5 – Sky Blue

    $1,899.99 CAD Read more
  • Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass V – 2008

    $1,425.00 CAD Read more
  • Vox King Wah 1970s

    $249.99 CAD Read more
  • Traynor AM50 Acoustic Amp

    $199.99 CAD Read more
  • G&L Legacy – Cherry Burst

    $1,249.99 CAD Add to cart
  • Ernie Ball Music Man Big Al 4 SSS Bass – Black

    $1,847.99 CAD Add to cart
  • Takamine EG523SC-12 Jumbo 12-String

    $549.99 CAD Read more
  • Premier Tube 8 – Vintage Amp – 1960s

    $389.99 CAD Add to cart
  • Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray – 2007 – 2 Color Sunburst

    $1,599.99 CAD Add to cart
  • Epiphone Les Paul – Emerald Green

    $229.99 CAD Read more
  • Godin Session – Left Handed

    $469.99 CAD Read more
  • Dillion Gold Top

    $359.99 CAD Read more
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