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You just purchased that new guitar – Now what?

You just purchased that new guitar. Congratulations! Now what? Well, hopefully you’re going to love it to the extreme (we KNOW you will if you got it from us). But, what happens to a guitar after you take it home? While the instrument hung on the wall at the music store, it remained in a relatively static state, safe in a nicely humidified room, protected from pretty much everything (unless you bought it from a place that also sells diapers – that’s another story). But all that is about to change! A change in season brings changes in humidity levels; the swelling of wood can, and most likely will, cause the fingerboard to bow one direction or another. And then there’s string tension: “I think

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So, you’re about to purchase your first guitar and you are left-handed … or are you? Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Elliot Easton – these are a few of the greats that play left handed. But, there are many natural lefties that play the instrument “right-handed” (Are you confused yet?) When I was about 17 years old I met one of my guitar heroes, Kim Mitchell, and brought along a copy of Kim’s debut E.P. for him to sign. When I noticed he wrote with his left hand (Kim plays guitar right-handed) I asked him about it. His reply was “Yeah, when I was a kid, they made me play right-handed”. Hmmm, interesting – and I never gave it another thought. A few years later I

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EndeverafterR – Kiss or Kill

EndeverafteR Kiss or Kill

The whole idea of this blog was to go back in time and talk about the music that inspired me to play guitar. Of course, the albums I had in mind are all classics, mostly from the ’70s. I never thought I’d be talking about a modern day band. Well, I am truly stunned to announce that this time around I will be gushing over “Kiss Or Kill” by EndeverafteR.  The last 2 decades in the world of rock music have been rather pathetic. Let’s see, we’ve suffered the arrival of “grunge”, a genre that was invented to accommodate the musical limitations of those involved. Then there’s “metal”, where everyone completely missed the point and confused cheesy distorted guitars and double-kick drumming with being heavy.

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Max Webster – Universal Juveniles

Max Webster Universal Juveniles

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in the 9th grade, walking through the high school cafeteria looking for a place to devour my fries with gravy. I passed by one of the cool kids, who happened to be blasting “In The World Of Giants” on his ghetto blaster. Of course, I was stunned by what I heard and thought “what the hell is that?”. The next day I was off to the record store. “Universal Juveniles” turned out to be the last album recorded by Max Webster. Led by Kim Mitchel (guitar and vocals) Max was a band that followed no rules. They seemed to do whatever they wanted musically and didn’t seem to care what anyone thought. And that’s what made

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Thin Lizzy – Live and Dangerous

Thin Lizzy - Live and Dangerous

I find that I’m constantly pushing my favorite guitar-based music on the many young up-and-coming players that pass through The Guitar World. Most of the time I’ll go on and on about this band or that guitarist, and talk about how cool they were and how they don’t make ’em like they used to … and then i realize that 20 minutes just flew by and my poor audience is looking at me with that “can i go now?” look in their face. But, in most cases, it usually results in the guy coming back the next time, saying “wow, I checked out that band and you were right!” (of course I was right). Well, I figured that I should create a little section here

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